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Butterfly Pastry
Butterfly Pastry 10
Price: $4.00
Mini Apple Danish
Mini Apple Danish 10
Price: $4.00
Mini Apple Strudel
Mini Apple Strudel 8
Price: $4.00
Mini Raspberry Danish
Mini Raspberry Danish 10
Price: $4.00
Mini Raspberry Strudel
Mini Raspberry Strudel 8
Price: $4.00
Cinnamon Roll
Cinnamon Roll 4/65g
Price: $4.69
Assorted Large Danish
Assorted Large Danish 4/140g
Price: $4.69
Cinnamon Sticks
Cinnamon Sticks 10
Price: $5.00
3 inch Butter Tart Plain
Perfect all special occasions and family get togethers...3 inch butter tart just enough for a taste!
List Price: $64.98
Price: $38.99
3 inch Raisin Tarts
Raisin tarts that everyone can enjoy
List Price: $64.98
Price: $38.99
3 inch Pecan Tarts
Enjoy the butter tart overflowing with pecans and gooey goodness
List Price: $70.08
Price: $42.05
Danish Cinnamon Swirl
Danish cinnamon swirl is a delectable flavor or spices mixed together in a bread loaf
List Price: $86.50
Price: $51.90
Unbaked Cinnamon Roll Gourmet Log
A gourmet cinnamon bread roll log for the whole family
List Price: $111.90
Price: $67.14
Unbaked Danish Mini Cinnamon Swirl
An unbaked delight for everyone to enjoy just heat and serve!
List Price: $120.68
Price: $72.41
Gourmet Cinnamon Bun Glazed
Gourmet bread cinnamon buns
List Price: $125.46
Price: $75.28
Glazed Cinnamon Bread Roll with Cream Cheese
Cinnamon bread roll with and amazing cream cheese icing
List Price: $131.58
Price: $78.95
Bread Roll Cinnamon Proof And Bake
We did all the work for you... it's proofed...all you have to do is bake it
List Price: $145.40
Price: $87.24